Friday, September 30, 2016

Sunken, Rose and Strolling Gardens

  These three, small gardens are located very close to each other so it’s easy to view all of them in an hour or so. The zoo parking lot at Antelope Park is a good place to park but it may fill when the zoo is busy.

  Both the Rose Garden and the Strolling Garden can be easily accessed from the zoo lot. Butterflies were very active when we visited. There are at least seven butterflies and a bumble bee in this photo!

  Both gardens are accessible. 

  The Sunken Garden is located on the opposite side of 27th Street from the Rose Garden. There’s an accessible crosswalk without a light or you can cross at the corner with a light. The Sunken Garden has two levels. The lower level has hard surfaced walkways. The upper level are crushed stone so wheelchair users may need to have help.

Gardens   40.80127, -96.6813

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