Sunday, July 10, 2016

Museum at Warm Springs & Indian Head Casino

  The Warm Springs Reservation became the home of the Wasco and Warm Springs tribes in 1855. A small group of Paiutes joined them in 1879 and the three tribes united in 1938 as the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. This very nicely done museum covers the history of the tribes. Many of the exhibits have push button audio programs.

  The museum is accessible.
The casino is located directly across US 26 from the museum. It’s a short walk from the casino parking lot to the casino entrance along sidewalks with good curb cuts. The casino has light chairs and easy to reach money and card slots.

  Both the casino and the museum have large lots. Parking overnight at the casino is okay. The museum lot has picnic tables and trash cans. There’s a crosswalk at US 26 but no light.
Museum    Casino    44.7647, -121.24793

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  1. I'm filing all this info away! Maybe we'll get up in these parts next year!