Wednesday, June 15, 2016

West Wendover, Nevada

  West Wendover is a typical Nevada border town established when gambling was legalized in Nevada in the 1930s. Since casinos are still banned in Utah it does a good business by catering to people from Salt Lake City who are willing to drive 120 miles across the desert to get their gambling fix. There are five casinos but with mergers they are now owned by just two corporations. The Peppermill and Rainbow have a large lot for truck and RV parking. It has a slope but if you park on the western edge or close to the road it’s fairly level. We found a little used spot on the northern edge of the Montego Bay Resort that was level enough and quieter than the truck lot.

  We didn’t spend very much time checking out the casinos or the town.

Casinos   40.73893, -114.06296


  1. We didn't find there was much of the town we wanted to explore! Just a stopping place along the freeway.

    1. I was reading over your posts from the start of your trip east and realized that we're following the same route - not many roads through northern Nevada lol!