Friday, June 10, 2016

The Leonardo

   The Leonardo contains an usual combination of exhibits – many hands-on areas but also a couple of galleries dealing with human rights issues.

   Playing with the “green screen” was fun!
    Most of the exhibits are accessible.

   Street parking in front of the museum is pull in, on a diagonal and too short for RVs.  Parallel parking is available on the surrounding streets.
Museum   40.75867, -111.88456


  1. The Leonardo is 2 blocks from my apartment. I have lived here 4 years and have never been inside the museum. And I'm just a few blocks from Liberty Park and the aviary. Never been in the aviary either. No money. It's been fun to read about the places you have been all around SLC that I always wanted to go to :-) I'm in a power I especially appreciate your posts! Thank you :-)

    1. Hi Wendy! Yes, these places can be expensive. The passes that we have were good for free admission to both the aviary and the Leonardo but buying passes only makes sense if you're traveling enough to put them to use.

      Sometimes museums have free admission one day a month which is a nice idea. It doesn't look like either the aviary or the Leonardo do that but you can get a free pass from the library that will get you into the Leonardo and a few other places, a really great deal -

      We enjoyed our time in Salt lake City and found the sidewalks to be much better than a lot of other cities as far as having usable curb cuts and being in generally good condition.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Oh, wow! Thank you for telling me about that pass :-)

    The best sidewalks are east of State Street and anywhere downtown. When I get too far from the main drags, I end up stuck on sidewalks with no curb cuts. Today I took TRAX and then tried to wheel it to Costco. No curb cuts, then no sidewalks. It gets exciting sometimes!

    Oh....I also tried out the Jordan Parkway Trail last week. I enjoyed it until I got to several spots under interstate bridges with homeless people living there. You are lucky to have a's scarier to be all alone in sketchy places. I love reading your blog. Thank you :-)

    1. Fortunately most homeless people are harmless but the ones who are mentally ill are a concern. The section of the Jordon Trail that we did was pretty far away from any services so we hardly saw anyone.

      Have you checked out the other trails around SLC? I like TrailLink because you can use the filter to search for what you want. These are all paved and wheelchair accessible -

  3. This museum looks absolutely fascinating. I have added it to my 'must-see' list. It may take a while since I'm headed in the opposite direction right now but I am putting SLC on my itinerary for next winter.

    1. There's a lot to do in SLC, mostly low key because it's really not a top tourist destination unless you happen to be a Latter Day Saint.