Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ogden River Parkway

   Tall cottonwoods lining the river provide shade for a good portion of the trail. This is an urban trail that allows access to parks and other attractions. We started from the Walmart parking lot where we had stayed overnight and walked/rolled east for about 1.5 miles before we turned around. An unseasonable heatwave made it too hot to go far otherwise the trail was very nice.

The trail is mostly level and in fairly good condition. It’s necessary to cross a couple streets but the curb cuts are good. The entry path from the Walmart lot is rough dirt so try parking in a lot at one of the parks instead.
 Trail     41.23514, -111.9546


  1. Dislike heat waves, unseasonable or otherwise! Stay cool (somehow!).

    1. I'm a little behind on posting so the heatwave has passed but we managed to escape by heading up into the mountains. A beautiful sub-alpine lake in Nevada - 70 degrees with snow on the mountain slopes - what a nice surprise!