Thursday, June 16, 2016

Northeastern Nevada Museum

   Artifacts pertaining to the local history are nicely displayed in large cases. We got a chuckle from these cow hoof shoes used by J.R. “Crazy Tex” Hazelwood to disguise his cattle rustling operation.
  The museum also has a small art gallery and a huge collection of mounted, trophy-kill animals donated by Jack Wanamaker, a California businessman, who made a fortune renting equipment to the film industry.  What a waste of beautiful animals.  :-(

  An original, relocated Pony Express Station is on display outside.   Sherman Station, a two story log home built in the late 1800s, has been relocated too and is now used by the chamber of commerce as a visitor center. A short, paved path goes from the museum to Sherman Station.

  The museum is accessible. An elevator to the second floor is located in Wanamaker gallery. The path to the door of the Pony Express Station is rough stone, accessible with help. The accessible entrance to Sherman Station is located in the rear of the building.

  The museum parking lot is not big enough for RVs. Park in the lot behind Sherman Station and take the paved path to the museum.
Museum   40.8418, -115.75279

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