Thursday, June 23, 2016

Nevada State Railroad Museum

   In 1870, Nevada's first short-line railroad, the Virginia and Truckee Railroad, was completed to haul ore from Comstock Lode mining communities to processing mills near Carson City. At the height of the mining boom as many as 45 trains steamed in and out of  Virginia City every day. Many of the locomotives and other equipment were bought by the movie industry and thus saved from the scrap pile.

  The museum has four Virginia and Truckee locomotives on display along with rail cars and equipment. They’re in wonderful condition and beautifully restored. The trains in the main museum can not be boarded but two of the passenger cars in the shop can be toured. There’s also a large window so visitors can look into the shop where trains are being restored or serviced. On summer weekends train rides are available. The train makes a loop around the museum grounds. 
  The museum is accessible. The shop is accessible but the passenger cars are not. The relocated 1906 Wabuska Depot has a ramp. This is where boarding for the short train rides takes place but I don’t know if the trains are accessible.
  The parking lot has long bus/RV spaces.
Museum    39.14788, -119.76809


  1. Thanks! This one is next for us (after we get home).

    1. It's a pretty small one but the restorations are excellent.