Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Nevada State Museum

  The museum is housed in the old Carson City Mint which was built in 1863 to mint gold and silver coins from the metals that were mined in and around Virginia City. From 1895 to 1933 it served as an assay office. In 1941 the city bought it and opened the museum. An addition was added in 1959. Coin Press No. 1 is still in place along with collections of the rare Carson City coins made at the mint. Other exhibits include Nevada history, geology, a ghost town, and a simulated mine.
   Most of the museum is accessible but the Nevada history section on the second floor of the mint has narrow aisles which get cramped when the museum is busy. The simulated mine is not accessible.

The museum is within walking distance of the Nugget Casino where we stayed while visiting the city. Lot # 4 was the designated RV lot for years but it has been blocked off. All of the other lots have outdated signs requesting that RVs be parked in lot 4 but we ( along with other RVers) stayed in one of the other little-used lots without any problems. The casino is accessible but the chairs are very heavy.
Museum    39.16743, -119.76732     Casino    39.16624, -119.76478

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