Friday, June 24, 2016

Nevada State Capitol

  Nevada was part of Utah territory until the late 1850s when, after an unofficial vote, it declared itself a separate territory. This was good enough for President Lincoln who made Nevada a state in 1864. The silver and gold greatly benefited the Union war effort. Nevada’s capitol building, finished in 1871, is the second oldest capitol building west of the Mississippi. California’s capitol building in Sacramento is the first since it was in use a few years earlier even though it wasn’t finished until 1874.

  The building was completely gutted in 1970s for earthquake retrofitting. Everything was saved and reassembled. It’s not an elaborate building but it’s still worth a visit. A small museum is on the second floor.
  As we were leaving we caught the governor slipping out the side door.  He stopped to chat awhile and, even though he knew we weren’t from Nevada, he was genuinely nice, answered all of our questions and gave us two souvenir coins. 
  The accessible entrance is in the south wing. The museum is accessible.

   We walked from our parking space at the Nugget Casino which is only a few blocks away from the capitol building and has plenty of room for RV parking.
Capitol   39.16391, -119.76643


  1. That was a very nice thing for the Governor to do. This is in Carson City, right? We've been meaning to step across the Sierra and spend some time in Nevada's capital city. Maybe we'll get to see the guv, too!

    1. Carson City's a nice little town. Tell the guv we said hi when you see him. :-D