Saturday, June 11, 2016

Church History Museum & Temple Square

  The museum traces the history of the Mormons from 1830 when Joseph Smith founded the church, through the establishment of several towns which had to be abandoned after the church members faced persecution, up to 1844 when Smith was killed and Brigham Young became the head of the church. The story ends with the plan to leave Nauvoo, Illinois and travel west to Utah.  Artwork, with a religious theme and created for a yearly competition, is exhibited on the second floor.
   Everything is accessible.

  The museum is on the west end of Temple Square so it’s easy to visit everything else on the square in one trip. We walked/rolled around the grounds but didn’t go into many of the buildings.  All of them, except for the temple, are opened to visitors. More information Here.

     We parked in the lot on the corner of W.Temple and W.N.Temple. RVs will fit in the lot if parked through two spaces or backed up over the grass. The exit is narrow and has low hanging branches. If possible exit through the entrance.
Museum    40.77093, -111.8946

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