Friday, March 25, 2016

Alien Research Center

   The Alien research Center is at the southern end of Route 375 which is also designated as the Extraterrestrial Highway. The center is a gift shop with a small display of life size alien figures representing the ones who were killed when their spaceship crashed. ;-)
  Another building which may actually be a research center wasn’t opened when we visited.
  A slab of concrete at the center’s entrance is raised a few inches off of  ground level. It should be possible to park and deploy a wheelchair lift directly onto the slab.

The parking lot is big enough for any RV.
Center      37.5329, -115.24251


  1. After "Little A’Le’Inn", Marcia and I passed on any more of that stuff when we went through. I heard another "secret area" opened up to the east of Area 51...haven't talked to my brother about that one as of yet...

    1. You didn't miss anything by skipping the research center. :-D
      Hmmm.. I wonder what is at the new secrete area!