Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Route 66 - Joliet Area Historical Museum


  Joliet was named The City of Stone and Steel because of it’s limestone quarry and steel mill. This nicely done, little museum  tells the early history of these industries and the stories of the immigrants from Great Britain and Eastern Europe who came to Joliet to find work and raise their families. The museum building was once a Methodist church and still has beautiful stain glass windows.


The building also houses a visitor center with Route 66 information and photo opportunities.


  The museum is accessible. A short film is shown in a mockup of a street car. The street car is accessed by steps only but the film is also shown in another location that is accessible.

The museum parking lot is large enough for small RVs. Larger RVs can park on the street.  Museum   66 Map


  1. If you keep up the great description and photo's, we won't need to buy the book, if we ever get to travel 66. Enjoys your travels, and travel safe .

    1. I think this would be your kind of road trip! Hope all is well with you.