Monday, September 14, 2015

National Museum of American History

   It has been years since our last visit to the history museum and my memories may not be accurate but I don’t recall the cramped exhibit spaces that we found on the first floor. Small rooms with only one entrance/exit impede the free flow of traffic from one exhibit to another and make viewing difficult especially on busy days. The larger exhibit areas are fine. The museum is undergoing an extensive renovation so some of the major exhibit areas are closed. We visited for 4 hours and managed to see about a third of the museum.
  The museum is accessible.
   We almost always park in front of the Air and Space Museum where there’s a section of handicapped parking spaces. There are also some good handicapped spaces by the National Gallery of Art. The street is signed – No Parking  1-10:00 AM  Mon-Fri 3 Hour Limit All Other Times. The spaces fill fast so we try to get there a little before ten. The three hour limit doesn’t seem to be enforced. The museum is about 3/4 mile away so taking the bus or a cab might be a better option for visitors without a lot of stamina.
 Museum  38.891, -77.03015 Map

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