Thursday, September 10, 2015

National Arboretum

  The arboretum’s large bonsai collection is the top attraction with over 150 trees. Many are hundreds of years old. Other collections include azaleas, ferns, dogwood, herbs and perennials.

  We visited the bonsai collection, the herb garden and the capitol columns. As designated on the map all of these are wheelchair accessible.  None of the other gardens are designated as accessible so they may have gravel, dirt and grass paths.
Small RVs will fit in the bonsai parking lot if backed up over the grass. Visitors with larger RVs may find parking along the road near the picnic grounds. Walking on the road for a short distance may be necessary.   Arboretum  38.91295, -76.97097  Map


  1. Are you finding good places to park at night?? I have been to DC many times, Marcia only once...but I have never been to the arboretum...I am assuming this is free as most sites in DC are.

    1. We have a really great spot to park at night - my sister's driveway 15 minutes from the city! Our wonderful brother-in-law recently redesigned his driveway and made it wider and flatter to better accommodate the RV.

      If we couldn't stay at my sister's we'd stay at Bull Run State Park Manassas Va. We often stop there on our way out to fill and dump our tanks. It's pretty easy to get to DC from the park.

      The arboretum is free.

      Enjoy your stay in the cool mountains!

  2. Never made it to the arboretum. Thanks for the tour.

    1. You're welcome! There are just too many things to see in DC. :-)