Saturday, August 15, 2015

Storybook Land and Wylie Park

  We loved this place! We were the only adults that didn’t have a least one little kid tagging along though. :-D  Way back in 1971, the Aberdeen Park and Recreation Board decided to develop Wylie Park with a fairy tale, nursery rhyme, and Wizard of Oz (Frank Baum lived in Aberdeen from 1888 – 1891) theme. People and groups from all over the city got involved and contributed money and labor to make the park a reality. This has to be the best city park ever!
  Storybook Land has accessible paved sidewalks that meander past large fiberglass fairy tale characters. The Land of Oz is entered through Dorothy's house which features a simulation of a tornado. The house has a ramp but the threshold at the front door is high. The exit is accessible and the yellow brick road path is accessible. None of the playground equipment in the park is accessible. Of the four gentle rides only the train is accessible. Storybook Land is completely free but there is a charge for the rides.
  Besides Storybook Land the park has a campground, a mini zoo, miniature golf, a paved bike trail, go carts, bumper boats, and a lake with a sandy beach.
  The parking lot for Storybook Land is large enough for RVs.   Park
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    1. We are so impressed with the dedication and care provided to make and maintain this park. I was reading over the city website a bit and it really seems like a great place to live with a lot of community spirit and excellent services for the residents.