Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Range Riders Museum

  The Range Riders Museum started accepting donations in 1938 and it looks like they decided to display every single thing! The main museum rambles through 20 rooms (visitors receive a map with a path marked so that they don’t miss anything) with six additional buildings to catch the overflow. Anything to do with ranching, pioneer life, and Native Americans has found a spot in the museum including some strange stuff like an 80 pound ball of gumbo mud removed from a cow’s hoof and a collection of mammoth bones.
  The museum is partly accessible. Some of the ramps between the rooms are very steep. A mockup of a frontier main street has viewing windows located too high and no ramp to the boardwalk.  Three diorama displays have high walls making it impossible to see them from a seated position. The officer's quarters building has steps and no ramp. The wagon depot has a big dip in the concrete just inside the entrance.
  The parking lot is large enough for any RV.  Museum
  46.40288, -105.86168

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