Saturday, August 15, 2015

Petrified Wood Park

  Almost all monumental folk art creations are built by a single very dedicated man, working alone for years to assemble his own personal artistic vision. But not Wood Park. It was built in just two years from 1930 - 1932.  Ole S. Quammen employed about 35 men who gathered chunks of fossilized trees and unusual rock formations from the surrounding area. And then they built – over 100 conical sculptures plus a castle, a wishing well, a waterfall and the Lemmon Pioneer Museum – enough stuff to fill an entire city block. The strangeness of it all leaves you wondering why Ole had a need to build so many little rock cones.
  The museum is full of a random assortment of donated items.
  Smooth concrete sidewalks crisscross the park so it’s possible to get a good look at the sculptures. The museum has an accessible entrance but half of the floor is constructed from very lumpy rock slabs making it hard to roll around.

  There’s plenty of room to park RVs on the side streets. Park
  45.93954, -102.15894
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