Saturday, August 22, 2015

Harvest Hosts

  Since we were driving right past these Harvest Hosts sites we decided to check them out (and buy some goodies) even though we weren’t going to spend the night.

   The employees and hosts at both sites are very friendly and welcoming. They allowed us to park at the campsites to take photographs for future reference. Pictured above is the nicely  wooded site near the blueberry patch at Montrose Orchard. The road is narrow and bumpy but any RV should be able to manage it. We bought some delicious peaches and blueberry honey.
43.18882, -83.88089
  Almar Orchards specializes in organic hard cider but also has organic eggs, cheese, butter, apples, pork and vegetables. Pigs control pests by rooting out harmful grubs around the trees and eating windfall apples. We bought some organic pork, apples, cheese, sweet cider and dried cherries. Pictured above is one location for Harvest Hosts camping. The other is in a large gravel lot about 1/4 from the store.  Harvest Hosts
43.02745, -83.91107


  1. I've considered a membership with HH. Glad to get a review!
    You are coming to the SW this winter right? Can't wait to see you both.

    1. Hi Lesa! Yes we're coming to the SW this winter!

      I haven't commented on your blog because I don't want to join Google+ but I do read all of your posts. Hope all is going good for you.

      We really like Harvest Hosts but you have to make sure that there are enough hosts in the places were you'll be traveling to make it worthwhile. It's great for places to stay when you're on a road trip but not good for extended stays because it's usually just for one night..

      See you in a few months!