Friday, August 7, 2015

Granite Mountain Memorial and Foreman's Park

  Butte’s mining past is visible everywhere in the city – the scars on the mountains, the piles of tailings, and the huge headframes beside little frame houses. Downtown seems a bit desolate with many empty storefronts in the big brick buildings. Even so it’s an interesting city to explore.
  A little history and good views of the city can be had by visiting  Granite Mountain Memorial Overlook and Forman’s Park Overlook. A paved trail connects the two overlooks and totals about 1 mile in length from the memorial overlook to the parking lot at Clear Grit Street.  It’s a steep trail but it’s possible to drive to four different parking lots and then take short, fairly level sections of the trails to the overlooks and informative signs.
  The parking lots are large enough for RVs. Overlook
   46.0267, -112.52383
          008 (2)


  1. I remember passing there but not really exploring the city,thanks

    1. It's an example of what can happen when businesses are allowed to expand without considering the consequences. There has been so much damage to the environment that it will never be possible to clean it all up.