Sunday, May 17, 2015

Douglas County Museum

  Douglas County extends from the national forests in the east across rich agricultural land to the Pacific Ocean in the west, so this nicely done museum has a lot to cover.  Included are expertly mounted animal specimens,  historic photographs, hands-on displays for kids, and exhibits about logging, Native Americans and pioneers on the Oregon Trail.
  The museum has two levels. The upper level is accessed from the parking lot. The lower level is accessed by a set of stairs so visitors using wheelchairs must exit the upper level and go down the hill to enter the lower level courtyard. The displays are in three locations with a different door for access to each area. There are a few pieces of equipment in the courtyard. The train depot was under repair during our visit but I did not see a ramp.

  RVs can be parked along the side on in the rear of the museum. Since our motorhome is short we parked in the handicapped spot on the upper level. The museum is located in the Douglas County Fairgrounds which also has a RV park. We stayed at the park on a previous visit – Here    Museum
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