Monday, May 18, 2015

Dorris Ranch Park

   After studying the webpage for Dorris Ranch I still wasn’t sure what we’d find to do at the park - they need to put some more details on the website!(the website is greatly improved since this post) What we found was a pretty little park with about 3 miles of interconnecting trails running through filbert nut orchards, into the forest, and down to the river. Get a trail map at the kiosk.  9,250 filbert trees- most of them planted over 100 years ago by George Dorris and his wife Lulu – produce thousands of pounds of nuts that are harvested every fall. Replicas of a pioneer homestead, a trapper’s cabin, and a Native American plank house have been built on the grounds. I think they’re only opened for special events and tours.

  The trails are a combination of gravel and hard packed dirt. The 4-mile long paved Middle Fork Path also starts in the park. The trails are in very good condition but terrain is a bit hilly so wheelchair users may need to have help.

  The parking lots are small but RVs will fit by the kiosk if parked parallel to the road or by using several spaces in the Middle Fork Path lot.  Park
44.03323, -123.0198

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  1. I love these small nice places.
    We will be on the way in a week to collect the rig from Colorado and start our 14th RV summer trip to Utah-Nevada and East Sierra Mt CA