Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saddle Creek Campground

  While there is nothing really wrong with this campground, it remains a last choice for us. The campground is small and the sites are close together. Some of the sites are large enough for any RV. County residents get a good break on the nightly fee but the regular fee, with water and electric, is $23.00 a night plus $5.00  to use the dump station. The park itself is very pretty. It’s an abandoned phosphate mine with long pits which have filled with water and piles of tailing that form islands. Most of the 750 acres of the park is lake which is stocked with game fish. There are five boat ramps and fishing appears to be the largest draw.

  I didn’t check the restrooms for accessibility. The tables have short overhangs. An accessible fishing dock is located across the street from the campground.  Campground
 28.06135, -81.88377

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  1. Hey Karen at least its green! North Carolina is so drab and grayish brown in the winter. Thats pretty good that a mining site has been reclaimed to become a beautiful campground. Hope your stay is good!