Thursday, September 15, 2011

Remembering Old Valdez Exhibit

   This is part of the Valdez museum but it is located in a separate building a few blocks away. Both museums are included in the admission price. Old Valdez takes a look at the town before the earthquake. Most of the floor space is dedicated to display cases with models of all of the old town buildings and other structures.  There’s also a movie about Valdez that concentrates on the earthquake and the aftermath.

   The entrance to the museum has a ramp without a landing and a door that opens outward so entering is awkward. Most wheelchair users with need some help. The exhibits and movie are accessible but the town display cases are at eye level for people in wheelchairs so it’s impossible to view everything.

   A large lot with long RV spaces is located across the street. Good curb cuts to the museum.  Old Valdez
   61.12526, -146.36005

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