Saturday, June 15, 2024

Mahr Park Arboretum

The arboretum is just a small part of the park. It also has paved trails, a community garden, picnic pavilions, a playground, and lake access. 

Our goal was to walk/roll along the 2.5 mile paved trail but we didn't make it very far because it was very hot and the trail is very hilly. The trail is accessible but due to the hills wheelchair users may need assistance. One section of the trail (about 1/3 mile) is just a wide shoulder along the park road with no separation from traffic. Signs identifying the trees along the section of the trail that we tried are too far away to read. A water fountain near the community garden is too high to access from a seated position. The other trails are grassy and not accessible.



We'd been hearing about the double brood of cicadas due to arrive in the spring and we found them here. It was a bit deafening! Growing up in Pennsylvania we're accustomed to the rhythmic high pitched sound of cicadas but the red eyed cicada this year have a continuous whine almost like a siren. Fortunately the noise stops at night.

We parked near the dock where there are several long bus spaces. An accessible kayak launch is located at the dock. Park  37.3508, -87.51516

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