Monday, May 29, 2023

Lake Earl Wildlife Area Cadra Loop Trail

All Trails designates this loop trail as "wheelchair friendly". It is not due to sandy soil, a very narrow overgrown section, and a point where the trail is dangerously narrow with a drop off to a stream.
It's still possible to do part of the trail. After parking go through the opening at the side of the gate and follow the trail to the right of the interpretive sign or go straight on the gravel road. Do not take the trail from the parking lot. It becomes very sandy.
We followed the trail at the interpretive sign and after about 3/4 mile we came to a narrow section that is very hard to push through and then the section where the trail is narrow with a drop off. We turned around at this point because we weren't sure how far we had gone and what the trail was like for the rest of the loop. I think we could have finished the loop but I don't recommend this section for wheelchair users.

The gravel road is much better. We went about a mile before turning around but I think the road could be followed to the end. Out and back is about 6 miles. The road is a little rough at the start but smooths out fairly fast. Trail  41.79861, -124.21657


  1. That "accessible" trail sure looks sketchy! Obviously it needs some help. The gravel road looks doable, especially for bikes and wheelchairs.

    1. All Trails is not the right resource for finding accessible trails but it's still a good starting point, especially when it comes to finding paved bike trails. I was doubtful about this one because of the location. Still glad we checked it out. :)