Thursday, March 4, 2021

Palo Verde Park

   This county park appears to have been abandoned. We stayed here years ago and at that time there was a host and a nightly fee. Amenities included restrooms, a dump station and a dumpster. Now the restrooms are closed and the dump station and dumpster are gone. The sites and shoreline are overgrown. No fee.
  It’s still okay to camp here but it’s not nice enough for a long stay. The sites are all along a single road that loops off of Route 78. The road gets muddy in the rainy season. The entrance and exit at the loop ends are in good shape but do not use the middle entrance. It has a large drop off that is hard to spot. Expect highway noise from early morning to late evening.   Park  33.39862, -114.7241



  1. I think this COVID thing has put the damper on many of these small county and city parks...hope they reopen when this mess is done with.

    1. Me too. This one probably won't fully open though because it was like this before the pandemic.