Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Metropolis Ghost Town

   Metropolis was founded as a planned city by Henry Pierce and the Pacific Reclamation Company in the early 1900s. An amusement hall, a post office, a school, a train depot, and a modern hotel were built. The Church of Latter-day Saints encouraged their members to move to the town and by 1912 700 people were living there.

   A huge planning mistake was soon discovered. Pierce had neglected to obtain water rights and the town was entitled to just a small portion of water impounded by a dam that the company had built across Bishop Creek. Years of drought and cricket infestations added to the problems. By 1924 the population had dropped to 200 and the town was completed deserted by 1950. There isn’t much left – just a few foundations and depressions in the ground, a small cemetery, and the very cool entry arch of the Lincoln School.
   The site is not accessible but most of it can be seen without leaving your vehicle.

   It’s a bit of a trek to get to Metropolis. Go north on 8th Street ( North Metropolis Road) of about 5.5 miles, turn left on the dirt road(County Road on Google maps) and drive about 6 miles to the town site. You can stay on North Metropolis Road and get to the town site that way but it’s longer plus the road is in horrible condition. The dirt road is much smoother. The roads and parking area are fine for most RVs. Metropolis  41.22802, -115.06057


  1. Neat!
    What's left sticking up above the trees is not what I'd expect from a ghost town in Nevada.

    1. It is a little different! Abandoned mining towns are the norm out here.

  2. Yeah, and they're usually fun to see or poke through if they're accessible. One definitely wouldn't expect to see an arch like this!