Thursday, June 25, 2020

Battle Mountain Cookhouse Museum

  The museum building, constructed with railroad ties in the 1920s, was used on the W.T. Jenkins 25 Ranch as a cookhouse and later as a bunkhouse. It was moved to the current location in 2000 and, after 12 years of renovations, was opened in 2012 as a museum and historical library.

    The museum consists of a large room with smaller ones on either side. Most displays are located on the second floor. Mining and farming equipment is displayed on the grounds along with a restored cook wagon. Like many small, community museums, the displays of donated items are lacking historical context.

   A ramp accesses the entrance door but several feet of loose gravel must be navigated first. The parking lot and outdoor display areas are also covered with loose gravel which is difficult to push through. The second floor is only accessible by a flight of stairs however a book of photographs of the displays is available.

   The parking lot is large enough for any RV. Museum  40.63941, -116.94554


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  2. You didn't camp here, did you? Just toured the museum?