Wednesday, April 17, 2019

West Kern Oil Museum

     Dropping down into the Midway-Sunset Oil Field plain, after spending a month of enjoying the green hills and wild flower displays in southern California, was a shock to our eyes. The oil field, the largest in California, covers more than 30 square miles and has produced 3 billion barrels of oil. For years Native Americans used natural seeps of thick oil as a glue and waterproofing material but it wasn’t until 1889 that the first well was drilled in the valley.

   The museum covers many aspects of the area and the oil industry including Native American history, the excavation of prehistoric animal bones from tar pits, and company oil towns. The outside display features a replica of an 1917 oil rig that originally stood on the museum grounds plus all types of old oil equipment and assorted junk.
   The threshold at the entrance to the museum has a short step up. The interior is accessible with a long ramp to the second floor. The grounds are hard packed sandy soil and fairly accessible. Museum 35.13293, -119.44733

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