Thursday, December 14, 2017

Moss Park and Motorhome Maintenance

IMG_8710     ( busy working so I won’t be posting much for a few weeks )

   Time for our yearly maintenance – waxing, caulking, and all the little jobs that we leave for the slower winter months. We’re in our favorite Florida campground, Moss Park, an Orange county park east of Orlando. It’s a quiet and beautiful park with huge, nicely spaced campsites and lots of vegetation for privacy and shade.  The sites have water and electricity plus there’s a dump station. Other amenities include flush toilets, showers, playgrounds, boat ramps, fishing, swimming area, and hiking trails. It’s also inexpensive for Florida. Campers over 55 get a 25% discount so we are paying $17.50 a night.



    Moss Park is almost empty at this time of year which is odd because it’s such a great park. The top reasons may be the rules banning pets and alcohol. Also reservation can only be made 45 days in advance by phone which may not be answered. There’s a two week limit and campers must leave for two weeks before returning. I’m sure all of these things keep the snowbird population down since most have pets, enjoy happy hour, and like to settle in for a long relaxed stay.

  We especially like the park because the accessible sites are some of the best that we’ve found. The concrete parking pads are large enough to park an RV and several cars. There’s enough room for me to circle the motorhome and stay on the concrete. The table, water/electric post, and grill are all on the concrete and the fire ring is circled by concrete.


    I checked out restrooms even though I don’t use them. The exterior doors do not have the correct handles for accessibility and are a bit heavy but I could still open them The accessible toilet stalls are very large and have sinks. All of the showers are roll in. The restrooms are not dirty but they could use a deep cleaning.


  The roads are very hard packed sand which makes rolling around easy. A network of concrete trails meander through the trees and connect the sites to the restrooms.


  The dump station is accessible and trash cans take the place of dumpsters.


Park   28.37186, -81.18722



  1. We will remember this park...Marcia's brother lives in Deland, 50 miles away, and they now have a "Class B" motorhome, looks like a good place to meet them at once we get home (which will be around the 5th of January...hope you all can make it over to Tarpon Springs before we leave again in late March) :)

    1. I was wondering if you were going to come home this year. ;-)

      Moss Park would be a great place to meet Marcia's brother and wife. There are two accessible sites. We always take #5. They're large enough that you could fit both RVs and a car but they're sticklers for the rules so you would need two sites. If they can't use an accessible site there are nice regular sites close by. I really like the paved trails through the woods(even though they are meant to access the restrooms they are nice trails) and the roads are so hard parked that Marcia's scooter would work well.

      We're packing in a lot this year. We're going to Disney World from Jan 8th - Jan 19th (skipping the weekends), then meeting my sister and her husband to tour the east coat from St Augustine to Miami Jan 29th - Feb 6th. We're thinking about trying to make it to Mobile for Fat Tuesday Feb 13. That's a long way for us in a short amount of time! :-D

      Let us know if your free time matches any of the time that we do not have anything scheduled. Maybe we can stop on our way to Mobile.

      Have a nice Christmas and a good trip home!

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    1. Hey Gary are you in Ehrenberg? I'm counting on you for reports on the RTR once it starts. :-D

  3. This C/G looks like it's right up our alley: Quiet, no barking dogs, and no boozers. I could easily spend two wks here. Now that we are home, not raining and no rain in the immediate forecast, Jimmy is doing the required maintenance work on Tergel. Kinda nice to just stay put for a bit.

    1. The maintenance on our little houses sure is easier and faster than the maintenance on sticks and bricks, isn't it?

      The campground got a little busier and noisier over the weekend - good noise though - kids and families having fun! :-)