Monday, January 5, 2015

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

  Casa Grande, built by slathering caliche mud over a framework of vertical wooden posts filled in with horizontal branches, is over 600 years old. It was the center of an agriculture community of about 2000 people who constructed miles of canals from the Gila River to irrigate their farmland. The site was abandoned in the early 1400s for unknown reasons. Most of the buildings have deteriorated but the large size of Casa Grande has kept it fairly intact. The current roof was added in 1932 to protect it from further damage.

  The site has a visitor center, introductory film, and ranger or self guided tours the ruins.
  Everything is accessible. A short paved path leads to a good view of the ruins. The ground around the ruins is hard packed dirt and easy to roll along.

The parking lot has long RV spaces.   Casa Grande
32.99469, -111.532

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