Friday, October 24, 2014

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

  Almost all museums of natural history have a bunch of mounted animals that were collected in the days when big game hunting was fashionable. Usually they’re featured in dioramas but this museum has chosen to group the animals by their country of origin along with cases of cultural artifacts which makes it much more interesting. Information about how people used the animals for food, clothing, shelter, rituals, and decorations (and sometimes caused extinctions) is included.

  Exhibits cover evolution, archaeology, and gemstones . A center courtyard with a creek flowing through is planted with native grasses, trees and flowers. None of the exhibits are large but everything is very well done.
  The museum is accessible.

   The parking lot is too small for RVs but metered parking is available along Wade Oval Drive or Magnolia Drive. Magnolia Drive is a couple of blocks to the north. The sidewalks are bumpy but usable and the curb cuts are a fairly good condition. Museum
41.51155, -81.61249


  1. I enjoy seeing all your informative posts although I seldom comment but after seeing the picture of you in the wheel chair I decided to question/wonder about that. I can't walk, genetically acquired disease, Freidrichs Ataxia, and use a power chair now although I started with a scooter which works better on dirt but is a bit more restrictive inside. I can't use a wheelchair because of the lack of co-ordination trying to use the wheels causes it to not go straight and can be a problem.
    Just a thought that might help with some incline, up or down.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Right now I'm strong enough and Tony's always around to give me a push if I need one but I do think about the future. Everyone loses strength as they get older so a scooter or power chair will probably be necessary. Information from someone who has experience with different types is always helpful. Thanks!.