Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park

  Experience prison life from 1876 – 1909  by stepping into one of the small six man cells, visiting a dark solitary confinement dugout or dressing up in a striped shirt for a mug shot photograph. Actually the prisoners had it pretty good with shower facilities, electricity, a library, and a chance to earn money by selling their crafts.

  The museum, theater, cells and prison grounds are accessible. The door from the museum to the grounds is heavy. The guard tower, located on top of the water storage tank, is not accessible due to a long flight of steps. The prison cemetery is located down a slope and accessed by a path with loose rock.

   The overflow parking area has long Bus/RV spaces.  Prison
  32.72779, -114.61478


  1. I was there while I could still walk some, but my main reason for comment is regarding your wheel chair. I can't use a wheel chair, co-ordination won't allow me to maneuver the wheels in a controlled motion. I do have a mobility cart that gets me around though. I built a platform on the front of my pickup where I can carry it. Of course having the ability to walk some while holding on to the side of the camper allows me to get to it. Might not work for you but it could be brought to the door where you could get it. Just a thought. I really admire your determination and appreciate the information you provide.

  2. Thanks youse twoz! Added to the must see list. I think they caretakersshould go the European route and make the prison into a 5 star resort!

  3. Thank you Mickey. Let me know if you think of any good accessible places to visit.

    Ha, ha Cyndi! You sound like a Pittsburgher!

    The cells in the Yuma prison would make some pretty uncomfortable hotel rooms but I'll bet people would stay just so they could say they spent the night in jail!

  4. That looks like a very cool museum, thanks for sharing!