Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snyder Hill BLM Boondocking

  An unusual little patch of BLM land, just a triangle of desert and rocky hillside, located very close to Tucson but a nice place to spend the night. Free visitors give this spot mixed reviews. We found it fairly quiet with only one other camper.

  There are no signs. Look for dirt entrance roads on the right off of San Joaquin Road. There are many large flat areas where any size of RV will fit. It’s dusty and may be muddy during rainy weather. Boondocking
32.15693, -111.1161732


  1. When were you guys here? We spent some time here over the holidays. Started off near 86, but the traffic drove us back closer to Old Ajo. We found it quite acceptable. How was it for your chair?

  2. We were there about a week ago.Just overnight so I didn't get out of the RV. It looked like it would be tough to get around because the ground was really soft from people driving through.

    I didn't connect the fact that we were in the same city until we were on our way out. It would have been nice to meet you all! We're still hanging out at the RTR site. Lots of fun meeting people from the internets. ;-)

  3. Yeah, we have fun doing that, too. Well, we're both on the road, so chances of our paths crossing are higher than with stationary folks.