Wednesday, August 15, 2012


View Iowa attractions in a larger map

 In few more weeks we'll have all of our yearly stuff completed and we'll be on our way cross country to Seattle so I'm working on more state maps. So what is there to see in Iowa?

  A lot! I was surprised. Most travelers speed through the state on their way to somewhere else , perhaps making a short stop at the Amana Colonies. However once off of the interstate there are many attractions. Almost every small town has some type of museum with free or inexpensive admission. But museums are just the start. Other attractions include factory tours , gardens , bike trails and a not to be missed sight- the world's largest popcorn ball! Spend some time exploring the backroads. Who knows what you'll discover!


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  2. Isn't there a fairly good sized Railroad museum in one of the big cities?

    I know I've got a tour of the giant Winnebago factory on my list to stops for Iowa, but I remember there being a UP Museum somewhere in Iowa that I also wanted to see.

    When do ya think you'll be hitting the PNW? I'll be heading the opposite direction not too long after labor day. :)

  3. Bob and Linda - you're welcome and thank you! I'm glad that you're finding the information useful.

    Matt - there's a train museum in Council Bluffs. Could it be that one? United Pacific Railroad Museum -
    The placemark is one of the bluish purple ones.

    We're leaving PA the first week in September and it'll probably take us at least a month to go cross country so I think that we'll cross paths. If you blog as you travel I'll keep an eye on your location. Check our blog too when you get a chance. We'll have to plan a meetup somewhere along the way!

  4. Yup, the one in Council Bluffs is the one I was thinking of :).

    I'll be departing roughly the 2nd week of september, heading across the north.

    I have a couple threads on the subject up on iRV2, and a few other forums that have my route maps in them.

    I will also be doing real-time updates (Or as close as I can) during the trip as well :).

  5. Okay , I saved your route. We'll be crossing or following your route in the midwest but then going along the bottom of South Dakota and the top of Wyoming. You'll miss Yellowstone and the Black Hills if you take the route that you have mapped out. Am I looking at the wrong map?

  6. You're likely looking at my return route map, which has the northern half cut off.

    Here's the original starting map I was working with:

    Then there's the updated return route going from Kankakee, IL heading west.

    Neither route is completely finalized, as I may still turn east after Illinois and go all the way to South Carolina.

  7. Great! I have the entire route saved now. We'll probably bump right into each other going in opposite direction. ;) See ya on the road somewhere!