Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holocaust Memorial Museum

   This  museum is very good and very disturbing at the same time. Everyone should go see it. Perhaps the knowledge of how Hitler managed to command so much power and how the rest of the world ignored him and allowed the Holocaust to happen will keep something of this magnitude from happening again.

   Everything is accessible except for the most graphic pictures which are behind half walls to shield them from small children. The first section of the museum is a corridor and can get crowded. The best way to make sure that you can see  everything is to stay on the right hand side as close to the exhibits as possible otherwise people will step in front of you and block your view.

  We almost always park in front of the Air and Space Museum where there’s a section of handicapped parking spaces. There are also some good handicapped spaces by the National Gallery of Art. The street is signed – No Parking  1-10:00 AM  Mon-Fri 3 Hour Limit All Other Times. The spaces fill fast. We try to get there a little before ten. The three hour limit doesn’t seem to be enforced. The Holocaust Memorial Museum is almost 1 1/2 miles away so taking the bus or a cab might be a better option for visitors without a lot of stamina.
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