Monday, July 27, 2020

Shoshone Falls Park

    Around 16,000 years ago Lake Bonneville, a huge landlocked lake that filled the Great Basin area of Utah, broke through a
sediment dam and rushed into streams flowing to the Snake River. The weaker basalt layer downstream of the falls was carved away by the immense amount of water, forming a 212 foot drop.

   A small park with a paved trail and overlooks is located on the south side of the canyon. A longer paved trail climbs about a mile uphill and continues for another mile to the site of Evel Knievel’s attempt to jump over the Snake River canyon in a specially designed rocket-powered cycle.

   The paved trail makes the park accessible but full views of the waterfall are blocked by vegetation and railings. We did not realize that the longer trail is paved and could not find an easy way to access it.
    The road down to the park is narrow and steep but can be accessed by any vehicle. RVs and trailers are not permitted in the small overlook parking lot at the fee booth. Continue down the road to the first parking lot on the right side of the road which is reserved for RVs. Falls  42.59567, -114.39826


  1. I wonder why the Paleo-Indians named the lake after a Pontiac model.

    1. A FRENCH name of a Pontiac. But then, Pontiac was a chief of the Ottowas. It's all a linguistic/cultural mess. :D

    2. No, wait. "Ottawa" is the capital of a mythical land sometimes called "Canada" which ethnologists believe is a misspelling of "Alabama." Now, "Chief" was a model of Winnebago, and the Winnebago tribe was from Iowa, also known as "Ohio." They moved to Minnesota. Or Michigan. Whatever. Maybe Wisconsin. They became "Amish" and now build cabinetry for "motorhomes." Pontiac named their models "Bonneville," "Le Mans," "Cordon Blu," and "Coup de Grace" to honor French trappers who probably did something noteworthy, but, really, who gives a flying baguette by this time?

  2. I've visited the area-pass south of Hot Springs Mt..You can see all the water levels waaay back then...Also down by the Utah border where the other waters broke through..Lake Missoula?...
    All cool to see and wonder how things were....