Monday, May 13, 2019

Colusa Casino

  Follow the signs for RV and truck parking. There are seven RV parking spots in the gravel lot. They’re lined up right next to each other and could be a little tight for opposing side outs.  Truck parking is on the asphalt directly in front of the RV parking. Few trucks were parked when we visited but there was noise from the HVAC system and equipment in the adjoining orchards.

    The casino entrance is pretty far away but the walk/roll is level. The chairs are light and easy to move. The money slots are easy to reach but many of the card slots are out of reach. Casino  39.25384, -122.02929


  1. I went to take a look at the location by clicking on the lat-long, then I brought the google map up.
    I noticed how close you are to Paradise, CA, they had that terrible fire last year. I changed to the map to satellite and took a look.
    Sad sad sad...
    My sister lives up in Chico...

    1. We passed through Chico a few days ago - looks like a nice place to live.

      I wanted to go to Paradise but felt like it would be insensitive to basically be a tourist where there had been so much tragedy. We visited Biloxi about 7 months after Katrina had wiped it out and that was tough - just seeing all of the destruction and realizing how many people had died and how many lives were destroyed.