Thursday, July 26, 2018

Toledo Museum of Art


  Edward Libby, founder of Libby Glass, established the museum in 1901. It was free of charge to the public at the time and still is today. This is another museum that surprised us with the quality and scope of their collections which include 19th- and 20th-century European and American art, Renaissance, Greek, Roman and Japanese art, glass art, and modern art.

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  The museum is accessible.

   Even though the museum is free there’s a parking fee at the museum lot. RVs are not permitted in this lot. We were directed to another lot located across the street but the slope of the driveway is very steep and we were worried about scraping bottom. We parked in a lot signed “Handicapped and Staff Parking Only – by permit”. This lot is a University of Toledo lot but since we visited on the weekend the gate was in the up position. Another possible parking spot is on the dead end section of Woodruff Ave. which is just north of the museum lot. Museum  41.65899, -83.56175



  1. Looks like a lovely museum. Don't know if I've ever been to Toledo ...?

    1. Yeah, why would anyone go to Toledo!? :-D We're constantly surprised at what we find in cities that nobody thinks about visiting. And we're only visiting them because they're there along our path as we meander along! :-D