Sunday, July 30, 2017

Port Hardy


  Port Hardy is the northern most city on Hwy 19 with an economy based on fishing, logging, and tourism. Many of the tourist activities center around the water or back country but there’s also a museum and two walking paths.

  The museum is tiny with displays on logging, mining, fishing, and natural history. RVs will fit in shopping center parking lot behind the museum. The sidewalk down to the museum is steep so wheelchair users may need assistance. The museum is accessible.



   A short paved walkway with informative signs and nice views starts at Rotary Park and travels along the waterfront. The park has an information center, restrooms, and playgrounds. Park along the street north of the park for easy access to the walkway.



  The Harbor Walkway parallels Hardy Bay Road and travels north for a short way, passing by commercial fishing businesses and boat docks, before ending at the Glen Lion Inn. The southern end is supposed to connect to two more short trails but we did not find this link. Pull offs large enough for RVs are located along Hardy Bay Road.This path is not wheelchair accessible due to steep hills.



Museum   50.721, -127.493   Rotary Park   50.72328, -127.49212



  1. Port Hardy is where we hope to go NEXT year, maybe try our luck at catching a fish or two. Looks like you had sunny weather. Was it warm?

    1. Judging by the size and number of fish we watched being thrown in the bins you should have good luck catching a fish or two at Port Hardy! It's a really pretty place too.

      We've been on the island for almost three weeks and have had wonderful weather. A few days were overcast but it's been sunny most of the time and between 65 and 75.

    2. Nice temps, much better than here where it's over the top hot. Good news about the fishing. We really hope to get up there next year. Thanks.

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    1. I think you would like it on the island Gary. :-)