Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Port Angeles Ferry to Vancouver Island


  Ferries travel on regular schedules to Vancouver Island departing either from the mainland of British Columbia or from Washington state. The Port Angles Ferry is the most convenient  if you’re on the Washington peninsula. The trip takes about 90 minutes and reservations are recommended. The passenger decks are above the vehicle deck and everyone is required to stay on the passenger decks while the ferry is underway.



  This is the first ferry that we’ve traveled on that does not have an elevator from the car deck to the passenger deck. Passengers who can not climb the stairs are boarded first and helped up the ramp by the ferry employees. Wheelchairs are provided if necessary. Make sure that everyone is aware of your needs when you pick up your tickets. An orange cone will be placed on your hood so that the ferry employees can spot your vehicle. Wheelchair passengers are the first off the ferry and a waiting area is provided with enough room for vehicles to stop and load passengers and wheelchairs.



  The lower passenger deck is fairly accessible in the inside seating area and outside on the promenade.  There isn’t a section for wheelchairs to be parked but the ends of the rows of seats towards the middle of the deck are the most out of the flow of traffic. 


   Ferry   48.12111, -123.43152

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  1. Weaved the ferry ride we took a few years ago...wish we knew about the no elevator situation...Marcia had to climb many steps, nearly took all she had. But they helped her off and back on again after we knew the was a bit frustrating to say the least.

    1. We always ask about access on ferries because I need extra room to maneuver my wheelchair. The ferry website isn't very clear though. When I saw that the ferry crew would help passengers I figured that it didn't have an elevator - pretty unusual but I guess it's an old one.

  2. OH! Are you going to see our buddy, Sandy? Did you catch up with Suanne?

    1. I don't have Sandy's contact information. Not that it would do much good if I did have it because neither our phone or internet works here. I didn't want to turn all of it on just for a few weeks. I sure do miss it though!

      Beth is here somewhere too so we're keeping an eye out for her. I think Suanne may have moved on - lots of things to see and do before the summer is over!