Wednesday, July 19, 2017

MacMillian Park Provincial Park


  In 1944 H. R. McMillian donated a parcel of his forest land to the province to preserve the old growth Douglas Fir. Some of the trees are more than 800 years old.

  Parking lots on both sides of Route 4 provide access to short loop trails through the forest. The Big Tree Trail is the only trail that is wheelchair accessible. All of the other trails have exposed roots and other obstacles.

  IMG_5531 IMG_5535


  The parking lots are large enough for short RVs.  Left turns into the lots are not permitted. The road has heavy traffic so be cautious. When the lots fill people park along the sides of the road and walk to the trails. This is much too dangerous to attempt with a wheelchair.  Park  49.29112, -124.66332



  1. Sounds busy ... but I would hope the crowds aren't "loving it to death." We missed this the first time we traveled to the west coast, but hope to see it next year.

    1. It is busy but most people stay on the trails so there isn't a lot of damage to the forest floor.