Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Briscoe Western Art Museum

  Even though the museum has three floors none of the galleries are large so the entire museum can be visited in about an hour or so. Exhibits include western artifacts and history along with painting and sculptures. The diorama of the battle of the Alamo is  very detailed and shows the location of all of the key figures.


  The entrance door is very heavy. The interior of the museum and the sculpture garden are accessible.

  Most of the parking lots in downtown San Antonio do not allow RV parking but we found a very good lot on East Houston Street under I-37.  It’s large enough for RVs but the entrance/exit is narrow so use caution if you’re driving a large RV. The sidewalks and curb cuts are in fairly good condition but there are places where back tracking or traveling in the street may be necessary.

Museum   29.42314, -98.48911


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