Saturday, November 26, 2016

South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center


   More than 500 different species of birds have been spotted in the Rio Grande Valley making it one of the best birding areas in the country. Late fall through spring, when the birds are migrating to and from North, South, and Central America, is the best time to visit. As usual we did not visit at the peak time so the birds that we saw were permanent residents. 


  The site includes a small interpretive center, a gift shop, a butterfly garden, an observation tower and a 3,000’ boardwalk trail. The trail travels through different wetland habitats which are maintained for easy viewing of the birds. There’s a fee to visit the center and the boardwalk. An additional boardwalk (which we did not visit ) at the Convention Center, located just north of the Nature Center, is free.

   Everything on the site is fairly accessible. One of the touch screens at the center is too high to be usable from a seated position. The top railing on the boardwalk blocks the view so it’s necessary to peek through the fence slats to see anything.

   The parking lot is very large so any RV will fit.

 Center   26.13724, -97.17358



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