Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Falcon Heights Campsite

  By Mirriam-Webster’s definition of a ghost town “ a once-flourishing town wholly or nearly deserted” this campground would fit the definition of a ghost campground. Dozens of crumbling concrete tables are scattered over the large acreage of a grassy park. Very few have any type of parking area. Dirt roads zig zag randomly through the park, some in very bad condition.  But strangely enough the park has restrooms, hot water showers, many fresh water faucets, a dumpster, and a battered shelter with electric outlets. And it’s free!

  We planned to stay for just one night but it was so quiet and peaceful that we stayed an extra night.

   The main road into the park is gravel, in fair condition, and shouldn’t be a problem for any RV type or size. Many of the other roads are dirt with deep ruts and soft spots. Use caution when driving on them.

Campground    26.565191, -99.127838       



  1. I have spent more than a few nights in that camping area over the last 40 years. At times the drug dealers conduct a lot of business in the campground near the entry gate. But I have never been bothered. Sewage dump is at the state park around the corner.

    1. Thanks for the dump station info! Someone posted that the campground had a dumpstation up by the water tower but we did see any.

      No sign of drug dealing while we were there, thank goodness. I did wonder about the US flag on a very high pole in the treed area. Looked on Google satellite view and there appears to be a nice little clearing in the trees. RV in the google picture but I don't know if anyone was there when we were.