Monday, November 14, 2016

Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo

  If you like snakes you’ll love this place – over 300 hundred of them housed in two long rows of terrariums. The zoo also has a small collection of other animals including birds, lions, a camel, hyenas, and monkeys. Many of the animals are rescues. Enrichment activities are a daily event. Most of the enclosures are adequate in size and some are in the process of being enlarged.

  The zoo is not completely accessible. The snakes in the top tier are too high to be viewed from a seated position. The ground in the outdoor section is gravel and dirt which becomes very muddy in wet weather where it’s not protected by shade roofs. The petting zoo gets so muddy that it’s not really opened to anyone in wet weather.

The parking lot is large enough for any RV.

Zoo   29.65561, -98.18696



  1. Snake farm zoo? Well, maybe, but maybe not! :-)

    1. Yeah :-D I think it started as just a snake farm and the animals have been added to make it a little more attractive to people who don't really love snakes!