Thursday, October 6, 2016

Paradise Spring Historical Park & Riverwalk

The park preserves the location of the 1826 treaty meeting between the US government and the Potawatomi and Miami Indian tribes. The Potawatomi and Miami agreed to cede lands north of the Wabash River opening the region to white settlement. The park has a paved trail with interpretive signs and a small grouping of reconstructed cabins representing the ones where government officials stayed during the negotiations which lasted for several weeks.

  The trail in the historic park is wide and smooth with gentle grades. The cabins are not opened. The trail along the river is also wide and smooth but with a fairly steep section at the east end.

  We parked in the lot at the intersection of Huntington Street and Fulton Street. The lot is large enough for any RV.
Park   40.79467, -85.81662

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