Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Quake Lake Visitor Center

  The area around Yellowstone National Park is known for seismic activity but no one was prepared for the earthquake on August 17, 1959 that triggered a massive landslide, buried part of a campground and created a new lake. 28 people died, some as a result of injuries from the landslide, some were swept away by the water and some were buried under tons of rock. The Air Force and Forest Service used helicopters to rescue hundreds of people who were trapped in the canyon by the landslide and damaged roads.

  The visitor center, which overlooks the landslide and the lake, tells the stories of the victims and survivors of this tragic event. There are also interpretive displays on earthquakes and plate tectonics plus a short video.
   The visitor center is accessible.

   The parking lot has bus/RV parking spaces.
Visitor Center    44.83098, -111.42599

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