Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Kim Williams Nature Trail

  Kim Williams Nature Trail is about 4 miles long and follows the south shore of the Clark Fork River. We walked/rolled along the paved section of the trail west to where it linked to the Milwaukee Trail.  Kim Williams Trail is fairly scenic but the Milwaukee Trail goes through neighborhoods with views of backyards. We probably should have joined up with the Riverfront Trail instead.

 The trails are well maintained, wide and smooth. They’re also marked very well, even when traveling along short sections of street.

  We parked in a small lot on 4th Street, a block east of Higgins Ave. RVs will fit in the lot if backed up over the grass or parked lengthwise across the spaces.  The connector trail is downhill and surfaced with gravel. Wheelchair users may need to have help.
Trail     46.86617, -113.99515

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