Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Roosevelt Park Campground

   The Corp of Engineers manages this site along the Columbia River. There are four sections – a gravel lot where we camped ( pictured above); a day use picnic area that has grass, trees, tables and restrooms; a Native American fishing treaty camp area which is surrounded by a fence; and a large asphalt lot with a boat ramp.

  Camping is allowed for 14 days. We weren’t sure where we were supposed to camp but choose the gravel lot for the view and the cool breeze coming off of the water. There’s some noise from the interstate on the opposite side of the river and from trains on both sides of the river but overall it’s a peaceful campsite.
Campground    45.73304, -120.22049


  1. I've spent some time in the COE area by the John Day dam (not too far west of Roosevelt Part), on both sides of the river.
    I've never been to Roosevelt Park but from the photos it looks good!

    1. We've stayed at some of the other campsites but I'm not sure if they are COE sites - Avery fishing access and the one down on the rocks. This one is nicer than either of those, in my opinion.

  2. I love your map! (my 1st time actually using it :-)

    I went to your class at the RTR & sort of understood, I wasn't actually doing it as you talked ... but actually using it! Wow, this is great stuff Karen!!

    If I haven't figured it out before next year I'll have to track you down in January (I have an idea where you might be ), fix you guys dinner while I talk you into a lesson on how to actually use the map!

    1. Thanks Rob! It's a little hard to get the making making concept without actually doing it. After you play around with it you'll find that it's pretty easy.

      Here's a tutorial post that I made:

      I have a feeling that Google Maps may have made some more changes that I missed so there might be more or better ways of doing things. I'll be happy to give you a lesson at the RTR even without dinner. :-D

  3. We've camped at LePage and Plymouth Park (both COE), but we missed this one. I think we needed electric (due to hot weather) at both. If we ever wander up this way again and the days aren't boiling, we'll stop here. Nice to know about these free sites!